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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is it to rent one of the rooms?
A: Each of our rooms is a $100 fee.


Q: How many people can the rooms accommodate?
A: The larger of the two rooms can seat up to 70 people, the smaller of the two can seat up to 60 people. We have had events with up to 80-90 people because not everyone sits to eat at same time or depending on the event, some of the guests will come and go.


Q: How long do we have the room for?
A: As a general rule, we say that you can have the room for up to 4 hours. However, if most of your party is still here and still eating and drinking, we will not ask you to vacate the room. We will never ask you to leave the building, but if your party dwindles down to only a few people we may ask that you move to another part of the restaurant so we can close down and clean the banquet facility.


Q: Am I allowed to decorate the room for my event?
A: Yes you are, we just ask that it stays limited to table decorations (tablecloths, balloons, etc.). We do not allow anything to be taped or tacked up to the walls in our rooms, and absolutely no confetti please. We keep the rooms in a neutral style due to the variety of events that we host.


Q: Is there anything else added on I should know about?
A: In addition to any food or beverage charges, we add on an 18% gratuity for your server, and also IN sales tax.


Q: What kind of menu options do you offer?
A: We offer two menu styles for you to choose from. The first is a “per-person” buffet-style menu, where you are able to choose from four plans, which each include a certain number of entrees, sides, and also salad and bread. You are able to see these options in our banquet menu. The second option is ordering ala carte off of the menu; this is where you would be able to choose from our delicious pizzas, appetizers, and salads.


Q: Can we bring in outside food?
A: Unfortunately no, the only outside food we will allow in is cake. If there is something you would like you don’t see on our menu, let us know and we may be able to have it made by our in-house chef.


Q: Is there a discount for kids on the “per-person” buffet style menu?
A: Kids 10 and under are half the price of adults.


Q: What happens to the leftovers from the buffet?
A: You are able to box up and take home any leftovers at the end of your party.


Q: Are drinks included in any of the food packages?
A: No. However, you are still able to purchase any specials we have going in our bar area for that day. Pepsi products are $5.25 per pitcher, and water is complimentary upon request.


Q: Can we have entertainment in the room?
A: The rooms are both wired with a receiver and dvd/cd player which allow you to play any music cd’s throughout the room. Additionally, live entertainment (band or dj) is generally allowed in most situations, however this is something we would need to know ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t conflict with any previously scheduled entertainment in our bar area.